In a few words…

French. 43. Lives in Bordeaux.

Arnaud Rodriguez makes pictures every day. He catches everything around him, from insignificant details to events, from his friends to strangers in the streets. When he travels, photography is like a memory-box or a notebook. With distance and the passing of time, some of the images he makes get together and compose series showing new matters out of this personal memory.

The testimony of ongoing days is the core of an online dairy he has been writing for more than twelve years. This « journal » became a kind of writing exercise out of the « I », in which images are the missing part.

His peculiar daily look is the reason of Fabien Danesi’s invitation for the exhibition « Les Heures latentes » in galerie Vivoequidem (Paris). It is also the key of his last exhibitions : Contrepoints japonais (Japanese counterpoints) created with the support of Fondation nationale des arts graphiques et plastiques, Hikari, shown with Ferrante Ferranti at the musée d’Aquitaine (Bordeaux) and Every day, shown during KG+, satellite festival of Kyotgraphie, in Kyoto.

Arnaud Rodriguez lived in Japan from 2014 to 2017. Though he went on questionning the anodyne marks of everyday life, he started working on some precise matters like urbanism of Kyoto’s north area or children playgrounds.



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